Is Paying For Sample Packs Worth It?

Is Paying For Sample Packs Worth It?

Today, the use of electronic music production software such as FL-Studio and Ableton has made the entire music industry evolve.

This has led to the creation of sample packs that offer a wide range of samples for beat makers to use and gain inspiration from. But are sample packs worth the investment?

What are sample packs?

Sample packs refer to collections of audio samples that are pre-recorded and organized for use in music production. These samples can include a variety of sounds, such as drum hits, basslines, synth melodies, vocal samples, and more.

What are midi packs?

Essentially the same as a sample pack a MIDI music pack is a collection of MIDI files that contain musical data in a standardized format known as MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). You can think of MIDI as digital sheet music that can be used to reproduce musical compositions using electronic devices such as synthesizers, sequencers and DAWs.

In simple terms they are drag and drop files which you can use in any DAW with an instrument to come up with a unique melody or beat.

Why are sample packs worth it?

Here is a short list we put together why sample/MIDI packs are worth it to enhance your beat making and songs.

1). High quality sounds 

Sample packs are usually made by professionals with years of experience. Sample packs are suppose to provide you with high quality sounds which you don't have access to nor know how to make.

The Ultimate Phonk Bundle is a good example of this. This pack is a combination of several packs and features high quality one shots, loops and MIDI files.

2). Save you time/ Workflow

By having a curated collection of sounds readily available in a sample pack, you can streamline your workflow and focus on the creative aspects of your music or audio production.

This can save you time in searching for sounds, experimenting with different combinations, and making decisions on what works best for your project.

Not only that, to produce high quality sounds you must be an experienced sound engineer.

3). Inspiration 

Sample packs often include a diverse array of sounds, ranging from drums, basslines, melodies, vocals, and more. These pre-made sounds can serve as a source of inspiration for your creative process, helping you quickly come up with ideas and jumpstart your musical projects.

4). Saving you money

By using pre-made samples from a sample pack, you can bypass the need to invest in expensive equipment, hire musicians, or rent recording studios, which can save you money on production costs.

Should you change the samples?

Modifying or changing samples whether that be pitch, bpm or length can be a good way to personalize and customize the sounds to fit your unique artistic vision.

By tweaking the samples, you can create original sounds that may not be found in other productions, allowing you to add your own creative touch to your music or audio projects.

Often sounds and loops from popular sample packs get used in big production songs, that's why its best to add more originality to your music.

What about Symitone sample and MIDI packs?

Symitone Audio sells samples, MIDI and other packs that our team have made ourselves, from scratch, so we can absolutely guarantee that they are high quality and 100% royalty free, including for commercial use. Once you own a Symitone sample pack, you own it - we don't take a cut of your music royalties at all.

We try to tailor our packs for all levels of producer, whether you are an experienced producer or just starting out. There is a pack for all types of levels.


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