Free Phonk Loop Pack Download - Symitone Phonk Essentials

If you're looking for the best free Phonk loop pack to elevate your Phonk music production game in 2023, look no further than the Phonk Essentials Lite Kit by Symitone. It's the free younger sibling of the Phonk Essentials Kit, but still packs a mighty punch and comes with everything you need to produce brilliant Phonk Music.

Not only does it come packed with loops, but also some great original one shots too. There are 26 brilliant drum samples taken straight from the premium pack. Think fuzzy 808s, loud kicks and punchy snares, with some hi hats and extras thrown in for good measure.

On top of the drum one shots, the pack also contains some completely original phonk cowbell samples which is very hard to find in most free kits. All of the cowbells were made by our sound designer from scratch, so you won't be able to find any of the samples in this pack anywhere else.

Finally, the pack comes with a load of loops as well. Over 15 of them are ready to be drag-and-dropped into your project, including 11 drum loops and 6 melody loops, taken straight out of the "Phonk Essentials Kit Vol.1".

Download it here.

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If you're looking for the absolute best Phonk Loop Pack to download though, it would have to be the premium version, "Phonk Essentials Vol.1". (Pro Tip: Save an extra 25% with code PHONKY).

This pack is like the free one, just much bigger. Way more loops, way more cowbells, way more of everything. If you want to make great Phonk Music, and a lot of it, then this pack is definitely the best investment in your music career you can make. For the price of a coffee or two, you are getting access to over 200 original samples which you can use anywhere, and keep the profit. That's right, 100% royalty free including in commercial use. 

Check it out today and don't forget to use code "PHONKY".

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