The Best Trap Sample Packs of 2023 - Melody Loops, Drums and More

The Best Trap Sample Packs of 2023 - Melody Loops, Drums and More

When making great release-worthy trap beats it's absolutely essential that you nail your sound. A lot goes into that - creativity, quality sound design, great drums, fantastic mixing, not to mention a compelling groove which complements the rapper and entrances the listener. It's a lot that goes into making a 3 minute instrumental when you think about it. This is why a majority of highly successful producers of the greatest trap songs of all time almost all use sample packs, be it presets, drum sounds or full loops.

Today we're going to take a look at 3 fantastic sample packs and producer resources which can help you take your production game to the next level. All of these packs are affordable, professionally produced and are great for nailing that modern trap sound.

1. Trap Royalty - 1GB of Trap Melody Loops

That's right - over 1GB of great melody loops for making compelling trap beats, and nothing else. check it out here.

Trap Royalty contains well over 50 vibrant, well thought out loops which can elevate your production in seconds. As you can hear in the demo above, these loops are deeply layered and come pre-EQ'd to help you blend the loops with your deep 808s with ease.

2. Atmosphere Serum Preset Pack

 The Atmosphere Serum Preset pack isn't just for producing trap music, but you can definitely utilise the presets in making more unique, atmospheric trap music. We're talking huge reese basses, punchy 808s and beautiful 80s inspired melodic sounds, including pads, keys, leads and more. 

You can get the Atmosphere Serum Preset Pack here.

3. Essential Hi Hat MIDI Kit

The essential Hi Hat MIDI kit is a small but powerful pack which gives you a ton of instant drag and drop hi hat MIDI files for creating brilliant, bouncy Hi Hat patterns that drive the groove in your production.

You can download it here.

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