Are Symitone Sample Packs Royalty Free for Commercial Use?

Yes, all of our samples are 100% royalty free, including for commercial use. We make our money from creating great samples that our community of producers love to use in their songs, so we don't take a penny from your music royalties for using our sample packs. 

How can we be so sure? Well, unlike a lot of other companies, we currently exclusively sell samples that have been created, from scratch, by our team members.

Since none of our samples are sourced from anywhere except our own team's minds, we are able to offer amazing sample packs (including free ones) which you can use in your music as much as you want, happy in the knowledge that you can profit from music you have made using our samples.

License for Using Our Samples

If you are making music under a label or DSP and require a license to prove you are legally entitled to use Symitone samples in your music, don't worry. Included in your digital download will be a .txt license file, which you can use as proof that you are legally entitled to use these samples on a 100% royalty free basis. 

What About For Making My Own Sample Pack?

You aren't allowed to repackage our samples in their existing form for your own sample packs. This is not covered by our licenses that we offer. What you can absolutely do though, is use our one shots to create your own loops and sell them. The same goes for any presets - as long as you aren't redistributing them in their existing form, you can go ahead and use the samples to create your own loops and samples.

Conclusion - All Symitone Sample Packs are Royalty Free for Commercial Use.

So there you have it. One of the main recurring questions many of our customers ask is "can I use Symitone samples in my music, and make money off of it?". The answer is yes. You absolutely can. 

And with that out of the way, why not take a look at some of our royalty free sample packs?



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