The Best Phonk House Sample Packs (+ Free Download and Discount)

When looking to produce great Phonk House music in the style of INTERWORLD or KORDHELL, it's almost essential that you use appropriate samples as the basis of your beats. Today we are going to take a look at a few fantastic drum kits and sample packs for making Phonk House, including a free option for those of you who want to try before you buy. 

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What Is Phonk House?

Phonk House is simply a subgenre of Phonk music, which has really started to gain traction over the past 2-3 years, partly thanks to its huge prominence in media around both cars and bodybuilding.

It's become a common sound at the forefront of modern music culture, and is here to stay. Although the genre is continually evolving at a rapid pace, Phonk House typically consists of four-to-the-floor drums, a very heavy 808 or Reese bass and a cowbell sample, typically accompanied by a vocal sample ripped from rap songs from the Memphis Rap scene in the 90's. In terms of the style of mix, it tends to be very aggressive and intentionally "lo-fi". Some of the biggest Phonk House artists in 2023 include the likes of KORDHELL and INTERWORLD:


What Samples Are Needed To Make Phonk House?

To cover all bases for producing Phonk House, you will need:

  • Punchy Kick Samples
  • House Hat - Open or Closed
  • Crushed Snare / Clap
  • Very Fuzzy 808
  • Cowbell Sample - usually drenched in compression and reverb.

It's absolutely possible to create Phonk House music without downloading a sample pack, but the amount of processing and tweaks necessary to even get close to a minimum standard is very time consuming. This is why almost all Phonk House producers buy packs and use them to help get the sound they are looking for faster.

Depending on your level of experience in making Phonk House, you may also want to consider getting Phonk House drum loops and cowbell loops / MIDI, to get some more inspiration in the creative process.

Now that we know exactly what samples we will need for Phonk House, let's take a look at the best options.

1. Ultimate Phonk Bundle - The Ultimate Pack for Phonk House

Ultimate Phonk Bundle - Best For Phonk House

The Ultimate Phonk Bundle by Symitone comes with over 900 Professionally produced samples, all specifically made for making phonk music. There are so many samples included in this massive bundle that you can easily make hundreds of Phonk House tracks purely from the samples included. 

From drum one shots to Cowbell Loops and MIDIs, the Ultimate Phonk Bundle is the absolute best one-stop-shop for Phonk Producers. After getting this pack, you really won't need to get any more samples for making Phonk Music, at least for a very long time. 

The Ultimate Phonk Bundle is actually a collection of multiple sample packs: The Phonk Essentials Drum Kit, the Phonk Drum Loop Kit, the Phonk Melody MIDI Pack Vol.1 and the bonus Cowbell Pack. 

All samples are 100% royalty free for commercial use, so you can use these samples in your music as much as you want and keep the profit.

The sheer size and value of the Ultimate Bundle is why it takes our absolute top spot for 2023. 

2. Phonk Essentials Lite - The Best Free Drum Kit for Phonk House

Moving on to a great free option, the Phonk Essentials Lite Drum Kit is a great starter pack for producing Phonk House. Included are 18 Loops and 27 One Shots (Including Cowbells), to get started with making great Phonk Music. The only compromise made in the free version is the number of samples included, but don't be mistaken - these samples have all been hand-picked from the Phonk Essentials Drum Kit and are absolutely ideal for stepping into producing Phonk House music for the first time. 

It's 30.6MB, available with free instant download, and is definitely one of the best free Phonk House sample packs available.

3. Phonk Melody MIDI Pack Vol.1 - Best MIDI Pack for Phonk House

Many producers have amazing sound design, a great sample selection, and some really good skills, but find making catchy Phonk House melodies challenging. This is exactly who we made the Phonk Melody MIDI Pack for. It comes full to the brim with 480 evil Phonk House melodies, which are perfect for all subgenres of Phonk. Our design team, with 15+ years of music production experience and millions of streams on songs they have produced came together and cooked up this brilliant pack. 

Instant drag and drop Phonk House Melodies, for a couple of cents per loop - what's not to love? 

(Pro Tip: Use code "PHONKY" to save 25%.)

Conclusion - Take Your Phonk House Production To The Next Level Today

For the sake of a few cups of coffee, elevate your music career to the next level by making use of great sample packs which are specifically made for professional Phonk producers. Whether you're looking for a complete solution, or just need a couple of really punchy kick drums, we are certain you will enjoy cooking up some heat with these packs. 



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