The Best Phonk Sample Packs - MIDIs, Drum Samples and Loops.

The Best Phonk Sample Packs - MIDIs, Drum Samples and Loops.

In Phonk Music, it's very difficult to make unique music since so many producers are recycling the same old samples, time and time again. Here are 5 fantastic packs that will help you stand out from the crowd. From MIDI melody packs to Cowbell Loop samples, this article aims to cover just about any resource a producer could possibly need to create amazing sounding Phonk Music.

Ultimate Phonk Bundle - Best Overall Phonk Sample Pack.

Ultimate Phonk Bundle - The Best Value Phonk Sample Pack

Now it's not as cheap as the other options on this list, but the Ultimate Phonk bundle is definitely the best complete solution if you're looking to make awesome Phonk music. It's a bundle of four of our best-selling Phonk packs, with phenomenal value at 70% off compared to buying them separately. With over 900 Samples, the pack works out to costing under $0.02 per sample.

Included in the Ultimate Phonk Bundle are:

Drum Loops - Phonk Drum Loop Kit
Complete Sample Pack - Phonk Essentials Drum Kit
MIDI Pack - Phonk Melody MIDI Pack Vol.1
BONUS - Ultimate Phonk Bonus Cowbells Pack

    At 930MB, and well over 900 samples, this is a huge pack. You could easily make several albums solely from using the samples included in this massive bundle.


    Phonk Essentials Lite - Best Free Phonk Sample Pack

    Phonk Essentials Lite is a fantastic free sample pack, covering just about everything you need to make Phonk Music (besides the DAW). Included in the pack are a wide array of one shots and loops, to help you get the sound you're looking for a heck of a lot quicker. With punchy drums, full drum loops and a whole lot more, this sample pack is by far the best free kit available for phonk music. It's 100% royalty free (including for commercial use) so you can use the samples in your songs and keep the profit.


    18 Loops, 27 One Shots, 30.6MB Download.

    Essentials Hi Hat MIDI Kit (Pro) - Best Phonk Drum MIDI Kit


    The Essentials Hi Hat MIDI Kit is not exclusive to Phonk production, but it's a great option when you're in the need for some catchy, bouncy hi hat rolls. The Pro version includes a ton of MIDI files to instantly drag and drop in order to add some instant sauce to your production. On top of the selection of MIDI files, the pro version includes a range of great hi hat one shots and WAV loops, making it the best one stop shop for making beats you never thought possible. 

    Files: 92
    File Format: .WAV, .MIDI
    Delivered As: .ZIP
    File Size (Zipped): 27.0MB
    File Size (Unzipped): 40.7MB

    Phonk Melody MIDI Pack Vol.1 - Best Cowbell MIDI Pack

    When it comes to making catchy Phonk music that will get stuck in your listener's brains and keep your songs on repeat, having catchy phonk cowbell melodies is absolutely vital. The Phonk Melody MIDI Pack comes in clutch for this, with 480 MIDI files, all 100% royalty free for you to use to your heart's content. We've made sure that this pack covers a wide tempo range, with melodies ideal for the 90-170BPM range, so whether you're making Drift Phonk or Phonk House, you will left amazed by what we've managed to offer in this pack.

    Files: 480
    File Format: .MIDI
    Delivered As: .ZIP

    Phonk Essentials Kit - Best Cheap Phonk Sample Pack

    Symitone · Phonk Essentials Kit Vol.1 Demo (Symitone)


    The Phonk Essentials Kit Vol.1 is a the big brother of the Phonk Essentials Lite Kit we covered earlier. This pack is the same but bigger, with:

    40+ Drum / Melody Loops
    40+ Snares
    20+ 808s
    25+ Kicks
    25+ Hats
    10+ Claps
    8 Unique Cowbells

    The whole purpose of the Phonk Essentials Kit was to create a pack with everything you need, and nothing you don't for making amazing Phonk Music in minutes, without needing to sift through a ton of Junk.

    If you are looking to get brilliant value but don't want to spend more than $10, the Phonk Essentials Kit is the best option. Having said that, if you can stretch to the Ultimate Bundle, you will be getting over 700 more samples, for not a lot more money.

    As always, we made every single sample in this kit from scratch, and are offering it to you, 100% royalty free, allowing you to keep the profits you make from releasing music using the samples in this kit. 


    18 Loops, 27 One Shots, 30.6MB Download.


    So there you have it, whether you're looking for the best free pack for making Phonk, or you want a complete solution with hundreds of samples to choose from, those are five of the best resources available for producing phonk music to a professional standard.


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