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Phonk Melody MIDI Pack Vol. 1 - MIDI Pack

Phonk Melody MIDI Pack Vol. 1 - MIDI Pack

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The Phonk MIDI Kit Vol.1 brings you instant building blocks to create earth shattering, downright evil Phonk music. Whether you’re in the Phonk House camp or prefer making uptempo “Drift Phonk”, our array of MIDI melody files are perfect for laying down an amazing foundation for your production in seconds.


Download Size: 183KB (approx)

Download Format: .ZIP

Number of MIDI Files: 480

Royalty Free? Yes, Including Commercial Use

Instant access to download the .zip will be sent to your email after checking out. A unique download link is also displayed after payment.

Influenced by the latest and greatest in the Phonk genre, the Symitone Phonk MIDI kit allows you to effortlessly capture the dark, evil vibe we all know and love. The Flexibility and creative control MIDI offers is what motivated us to create this pack. You can truly customise these foundations, make it your own, and continue to use these resources for years to come. Our tastes are diverse as producers, and thats what makes us all unique. Change the tempo, transpose to a different key, tweak the velocity of the notes, it’s all right there for you to edit and play around with to your heart’s content.

All MIDI files have been conveniently organised and labelled by key and BPM, so you can throw them straight into your DAW of choice and get cooking in an instant. You’ll be cooking up beats quicker than you can say “memphis millionaire money manor”.

This Phonk MIDI Pack is royalty free (including for commecial use) and contains 480 completely unique melody MIDI elements that you can drag and drop into your DAW.  Whether your weapon of choice is FL Studio, Ableton or Logic, this pack will help you nail the vibe you’ve always wanted.

Symitone · Phonk Melody MIDI Pack Vol.I (Symitone)

You'll be getting instant access to 480 ORIGINAL MIDI files, tailor made for Phonk production, as well as a license to use our samples forever, for free, in your music. We recorded these melodies to cover a huge range of tempo, with catchy melodies covering the 100BPM-180BPM range, but of course it's up to you!

These melodies have been created specifically for use with plucky Phonk cowbell samples.  This MIDI pack is perfectly complemented by the cowbells included in our Phonk Essential Drum Kit Vol.1

As always, all resources in this pack are tailor made by our in-house production team and are 100% Royalty Free for our customers.  We have spent countless hours composing and curating this fantastic selection of melodies from scratch, to create a plethora of totally unique, dark yet catchy melodies no one else can offer.

With 480 MIDI files inside, you’ll never find yourself lacking inspiration when producing Phonk again.

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