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Phonk Essentials Drum Kit Vol.1 - Sample Pack

Phonk Essentials Drum Kit Vol.1 - Sample Pack

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We have designed the Hardest-Hitting Phonk Kit known to man.


You'll be getting instant access to over 200 ORIGINAL Samples for your production, with a mix of punchy one-shots, industry level cowbell and drum loops as well as, most importantly, a selection of never before seen cowbells.

40+ Drum / Melody Loops
40+ Snares
20+ 808s
25+ Kicks
25+ Hats
10+ Claps
8 Unique Cowbells
and much more...

As always, all of the samples in this kit are made by us and are 100% Royalty Free for our customers.  We have spent countless hours synthesizing these sounds from scratch to create some completely unique samples that no one else can replicate.

Take a look at the waveform of the "Drilla Kick":

Drilla Kick - From Phonk Essentials Kit Vol. 1

Our Drum sounds smack unbelievably hard. Nothing else comes this punchy and loud out of the box, which is exactly what us phonk producers need to stand out from the crowd.

We're talking speaker breaking, ground shaking, big clipping kicks and snares that even a beginner producer can use to make some massively powerful beats in minutes, no extra processing and compression needed.

For our first 100 orders to celebrate our very first release, we are inviting you to give us a chance with 70% off, and an additional 25% off using the code "PHONKY".


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