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Free Phonk Drum Kit - Phonk Essentials Lite

Free Phonk Drum Kit - Phonk Essentials Lite

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The "Phonk Essentials Lite" Kit by Symitone has all you need to make Phonk beats, 100% Free. It's the smaller sibling of the Phonk Essentials Kit Vol.1, with a selection of some of our favourite samples from the pack.

One Shots
Included in the Phonk Essentials Lite Kit are 26 great sounding drum samples, taken straight out of our premium packs, which are perfect for Phonk producers. You'll be getting distorted 808s, Punchy Kicks and (Very) loud snares, as well as some great hats and extras.

We haven't just got you covered for making hard hitting drums. The Phonk Essentials Lite Kit also comes with cowbells (tuned) for you to make your own evil Phonk melodies. Our lead sound engineer designed these from scratch, so very few other producers have access to these samples.

All of the samples in this kit are unique and have been designed specifically for making Phonk music. They can only be found in Symitone Sample Packs.

As an added bonus, we decided to include some great extras. 11 Drum Loops (Including an 808 loop) and 6 Melody Loops have been added, taken from the "Phonk Essentials Kit Vol.1" by Symitone. These loops are all completely original and labeled with the Key and BPM where necessary, so you can get straight into using them in your music in seconds.
The Phonk Essentials Lite Kit is available as a free download from clicking on the link below. You'll be able to get instant access to the pack as a ZIP file.

Pack Details
Genre - Phonk
Licence - Royalty Free
Loops / One Shots - 18 Loops, 27 One Shots
Size - 30.6 MB

What's the difference between the free and paid version?
Phonk Essentials Lite contains around 20% of the samples included with "Phonk Essentials Vol.1". It's basically a taster version to help you figure out if you will like our premium pack, which is much larger.
Included below is a comparison chart between Lite and Phonk Essentials Vol.1:

Phonk Essentials Lite

 Phonk Essentials Vol.1

Royalty Free? Yes Yes
License Included? No (Email for License) Yes
Samples Included 45 200
One Shots 27 144
Loops 18 57
File Size 30.6 MB 96.8 MB
Snares 4 42
Kicks 6 29
808s 5 23
Cowbells 2 8
Cowbell Loops 5 22

Can I make money from songs using samples in this pack?
Absolutely! Both packs are 100% royalty free for commercial use, so whether your song gets 1 stream or a billion streams, you don't owe us anything extra.
Do you have any discounts on the premium pack?
Since you've asked so nicely, yes! Use code "PHONKY" at checkout to get an additional 25% off your order.
Does the Pack work with Fl Studio?
Does the Pack work with Ableton?

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