Phonk Melody MIDI Pack 2 - Phonk House MIDI Pack

Phonk Melody MIDI Pack 2 - Phonk House MIDI Pack

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After the immense success of our first Phonk MIDI pack, we just knew we had to get back into the studio and work on a sequel. After over a month of tweaks, meetings and feedback from top Phonk producers, we proudly present the Phonk Melody MIDI Pack 2. 

This is big. It's made up of 25 folders with pre-transposed files, totalling 299 awesome Phonk House MIDI melodies.



  • Download Size: 1.35MB
  • Download Format: .ZIP
  • Number of MIDI Files: 299
  • Royalty Free: Yes, including commercial use.
  • Instant Digital Download

If you want access to instant drag and drop melodies for creating evil, dark Phonk, this is exactly what you've been waiting for.

With literally hundreds of MIDI files, the customisation and range is crazy. You can easily change the tempo or key to add your own unique taste, or even build on top of them. It's all up to you, which is the beauty of using MIDI packs when producing your best music yet.


The MIDI files in this pack are all cleanly organised into folders and labelled by Key and BPM, so you can easily find a perfect fit in seconds. There's nothing worse than trawling through resources and not knowing what tempo it's in. You don't need to worry about that with our melodies.

As always, this pack is completely royalty free, including for commercial use. Release Phonk using our packs and keep the profits.

Whether you make Phonk music within a DAW such as FL Studio or Ableton Live, or prefer to use standalone VSTs, this pack will work with any software or hardware that supports MIDI files.

We recommend pairing this pack with the Deep House Drum Loops Pack and the Phonk Essentials Kit, for everything you need to make awesome Phonk House. 

Limited Edition

A unique part of Symitone is that we release a majority of our packs in limited runs and the Phonk Melody MIDI Pack 2 is no exception. We restrict the number of packs we sell to make sure that only a small number of producers have access to the same samples you do, which helps ensure your music stays unique and original. Our packs aren't around forever, and we believe this is the best way to protect our clients.

This pack is limited to under 250 copies. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Producer Approved

Our production team has earned well over 50 million streams combined on their own music. It's safe to say we know a thing or two about what makes good music in 2023. If we wouldn't use a sample in our own music, it doesn't make the cut.

What is Phonk House?

Phonk house is a unique subgenre of Phonk, which (believe it or not) blurs the lines between Phonk and House. It's typically characterised by deep, heavy bass, a distorted cowbell melody and punchy, four-to-the-floor drums, all enveloped in a lo-fi production style. 

Phonk house is typically made in the 90-120BPM range, although with the rise in popularity of "slowed + reverb" and "sped up" songs, you will find Phonk house all the way from 70BPM to 150BPM or more.

How To Install Phonk Melody MIDI Pack 2

You don't need to install our Phonk MIDI packs. You just need to use the digital download link you can access after making a purchase, and then download the .ZIP folder.

Right click on the download, and extract it. You don't need to put the folder in any particular folder, for most DAWs, but it might be more convenient to place it where you put your other sample packs.

Using one of our MIDI files is as simple as dragging and dropping them into a mixer track or piano roll in most DAWs.




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